About Me: Sophia Soloman

About Me – Sophia Soloman

Hello! I’m Sophia Soloman, the general editor at Techieweek: Instructional Design. My journey in the world of education and technology has been both enriching and exhilarating, and I’m thrilled to share a bit of my story with you.

My Roots and Academic Pursuits:Sophia Soloman

  • Early Education: Born and raised in a quaint town in France, my initial years were steeped in the rich cultural and educational heritage of Europe. I was always fascinated by the interplay of technology and learning.
  • Sorbonne Chapter: My academic journey took a pivotal turn at the Sorbonne, where I delved into the realms of educational theory and digital innovation. This period was instrumental in shaping my perspectives on instructional design.
  • Crossing the Atlantic: In 1991, I moved to the United States, driven by a desire to explore diverse educational landscapes. This move was not just a geographical shift but also a leap into a myriad of new learning opportunities.
  • Doctoral Endeavors: At the University of Texas, I earned my PhD in Educational Philosophy. My research focused on integrating technology into traditional learning environments, a theme that has been central to my career.

Professional Milestones:

  • Curriculum Development: My role in curriculum development at Grand Prairie, TX ISD was a challenging yet rewarding experience. Here, I worked on creating innovative educational programs that incorporated digital tools effectively.
  • Academic Lectureships: Sharing knowledge is a passion. At the University of Minnesota and the University of Tulsa, I had the privilege of lecturing on topics close to my heart – educational technology and its philosophical underpinnings.
  • Consulting and Writing: Currently, I’m based in New York, consulting for various educational institutions and penning articles for Techieweek. My focus is on how instructional design can be enhanced through technology.

My Philosophy:

  • Lifelong Learning: I firmly believe that education is a lifelong journey. With the rapid advancement of technology, there’s always something new to learn and apply in the realm of education.
  • Integrating Technology: The fusion of technology and education is not just about using digital tools; it’s about rethinking how we teach and learn in the digital age.

In My Free Time:

When I’m not immersed in the world of educational technology, I enjoy exploring the vibrant culture of New York, reading historical fiction, and practicing yoga.

Connect with Me:

I’m always eager to connect with fellow educators, tech enthusiasts, and anyone interested in the evolving landscape of instructional design. Feel free to reach out to me at: sophiasoloman@techiweek.com

Thank you for taking the time to learn about my journey. I look forward to the exciting paths that lie ahead in the intersection of technology and education!