About Dr. Kieran Glass

About Dr. Kieran Glass

Dr. Kieran Glass is a distinguished figure in the field of educational consultancy, known for his innovative approaches to instructional design and curriculum development. With a rich academic background and a wealth of experience, Dr. Glass has become a pivotal contributor to educational reform in North America.Dr. Kieran Glass

Educational Journey

  • Trinity College Dublin: Dr. Glass embarked on his academic journey at Trinity College Dublin, where he pursued a degree in Education. His time at Trinity was marked by a deep engagement with both the humanities and sciences, reflecting a multidisciplinary approach that would later define his career.
  • University of Limerick: Advancing his academic pursuits, Dr. Glass earned his Ph.D. from the University of Limerick. His doctoral thesis, titled “Innovative Educational Strategies in Higher Education,” received acclaim for its insightful exploration of pedagogical techniques in contemporary academia.

Professional Endeavors

  • Consultancy Expertise: Post-doctorate, Dr. Glass relocated to Washington D.C., where he established himself as a leading consultant for universities and school districts across the United States and Canada. His consultancy focuses on enhancing educational practices through innovative curriculum design and effective teacher training programs.
  • Publications and Conferences: A prolific writer, Dr. Glass has contributed to numerous educational journals, sharing his insights on modern instructional strategies. He is also a regular speaker at international education conferences, captivating audiences with his perspectives on the future of education.

Personal Interests

Residing in Washington D.C., Dr. Glass is an avid reader and enjoys exploring historical non-fiction. His love for nature is evident in his frequent hikes in the Shenandoah Valley, where he finds inspiration and rejuvenation.

Contributions to Techiweek: Instructional Design

At Techiweek: Instructional Design, Dr. Glass brings his extensive knowledge and innovative mindset to the forefront. His contributions are instrumental in guiding educators and instructional designers towards creating more effective, engaging, and technologically integrated learning environments.